Wedge injection packer - scratch from 1.8 mm

PI-W 1,8 / 40

  • material: plastic
  • steel conical calamitka
  • scratch from 1.8 mm
  • length: 40 mm

1,16 netto

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For driving directly into cracks.

For use in crack injection in all common building materials, such as:

  • concrete,
  • granite,
  • block,
  • brick,
  • sandstone

Suitable for injection epoxy resin, polyurethane resin, microcement slurry.

It is very well suited for direct hammering into wood, for pressure impregnation, for impregnation with wood preservatives or with epoxy resin for wood consolidation. Wedge packers can be easily removed from building materials without leaving any residue. When firmly seated, they can be used with a maximum injection pressure of up to 50 bar.