Waterproof rapid-setting mortar CrackOn.5

CrackOn. 5

❖ Setting within 5 min

❖ High strength

❖ Excellent adhesion to cementitious substrates

❖ Plastic consistency

❖ Retains water

14,14 netto

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CrackOn.5 is a product designed to quickly seal concrete elements, cracks and holes in the concrete and to block local water seepage.

Application areas

  • Sewerage infrastructure
  • Industrial and hydrotechnical construction, power engineering
  • Vertical, horizontal and ceiling surfaces
  • For stopping water leaks temporarily
  • For use both inside and outside buildings
  • For quick assembly and embedding of steel elements in concrete
  • For filling cracks and holes

Application method

  • The temperature of the material, the environment and the substrate should be between +5 ° C and +30 ° C
  • The lower temperature makes the working life of the mortar longer, while the higher temperature makes the working life shorter.
  • Press the prepared mortar into the target place and hold it until it hardens.
The service life of the mortar for processing

4 min at 25 ° C

7 min at 7 ° C