Cement for sealing leaks


  • Onset of setting – 10 seconds
  • Application by rubbing dry mortar into damp substrate
  • Bonds under water
  • Resistant to salt, sulfates and petroleum products
  • Does not cause corrosion of steel components
  • Chlorine-free
  • Waterproof
  • Frostproof
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    Application areas

    • Basements, underground garages, tunnels, dams, sewers, sewage treatment plants, concrete pipes, elevator shafts, rainwater retention tanks, harbor walls, pipe culverts, bunkers, dam walls, rainwater tanks, adits, sluices, underpasses/passages, excavations and water pumping stations.

    • Infrastructure (network) sewerage, industrial construction, hydraulic engineering and energy.

    Directions for use

    • Manual application. Use protective gloves.

    • Take a handful of powder and whip it into a hard lump, resembling a snowball.

    • Quickly and with sufficient force, press the formed lump into the place of the water leak, holding it until the water stops flowing out.

    • If the leak is large or the water comes out with more pressure, mix LeakFix with a large amount of water until a thick paste is formed. Immediately close the spill site.

    Additional information


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